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Universal Trophy Services is a highly motivated and professional company.
We take pride in offering an across the board service. Theire is no need for dealing with multiple parties, we arrange everything!

Welcome to Universal Trophy Services - The Professional Processing Facility for your African Hunting Trophy

Universal Trophy Services is a company that has been established to provide an efficient and professional trophy processing and export service to the International Hunting Market Sector within South Africa. The main business of UTS is raw preparation of hunting trophies but in order to provide a broader coherent service to our clients, UTS has diverged into skull on shield mounting, fur tanning of flat skins, and the freight forwarding of curio’s and hunting trophies.

Professional Hunters & Outfitters - call us for the best SHOT you’ll ever take

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Hunting The main aim and mission of UTS is to provide an uncompromising and professional service to our clients.

We recieved our trophies today!!! Many, many thanks to you and Karl, they are treated and packaged professionally. We can sure reference you further to our hunters.
Heard thats so dry like it wasn’t in 88 years? Hope you will get good rain soon. All the best to all of you and Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.

Karl & Birgit - Australia

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Outfitters To deliver QUALITY – All trophies undergo a stringent quality control process and are treated to internationally specified standards.
African Hunting Trophy UTS tailor makes and professionally packs each crate and arranges all freighting to ensure that trophies arrive to destination in the specified time, secured within the crate to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

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